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The power is in your hands, with our de-mobilizer, you can stop your car remotely with any phone, from any where. You need to contact us to shutdown your car. You do it yourself

Voice Monitor

With our hyper-active voice monitoring mic, you can discretely listen to conversation going in your Vehicle from anywhere in the world

Movement History

Know every movement of your car with our drive and stop report. Our system saves your car’s movement history for up to 6 months.

Tamper Proof

Be in the know of every time there is a tampering. Our system notifies you whenever the car tracker device installed in your car is disconnected.


Set pre-defined perimeters and boundaries to control the movement of your car/fleet. Our system will notify you every time your car leave or enter the perimeter.


Driver's behavior monitoring

Improve Fleet Performance

Easy Recovery for Stolen Vehicles

Eliminate or reduce overtime

Real-time tracking of vehicle's location

Reduce human errors with enhanced reports

Identification of the driver, the vehicle and their trailers

Schedule reports to automatically generate and sent to you

Manage Areas and Geo- routes to avoid fraud on your drivers


Track Plus Nigeria is a team of automobile enthusiasts with years of experience in car tracking services in Nigeria.

Duly registered with the Nigerian communication commission and the corporate affairs commission, Track Plus is headquartered in Lagos state but operates entirely across 12 Nigerian states.

Our history dates back to 2011, and we have not relented to stand out as one of the innovative car-tracking companies in Nigeria over the years.

We’ve been privileged to work with clients in various fields of endeavor, and it has always been our goal to help Vehicle owners to increase their car’s security. 

We pride ourselves on being the only Car tracking company in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt that operates an ultra-specialized recovery system for stolen cars.

Our numbers speak volumes. With over 14,000 cars under our watch and over 600 successful recoveries since we began operations, Trackplus service offerings as a provider of Car tracking in Nigeria supersedes our competition.

At Trackplus, We go beyond securing your cars against theft. We understand that car theft is evitable even with a car tracker installed.

So to maintain reliability in our product offering, we partnered with the Nigerian Police Force and other professional security outfits to ease the recovery of your car if it gets stolen.

Our Gps car tracker devices are programmed to process information about your car’s location at an interval of every 30secs. So you don’t have any issue with having blind spots. 

We also invested heavily in the mapping of Nigerian towns and cities, thus making us cover Nigeria better than any other Car tracker company.

Our proprietary Maps incorporates common landmarks and internal streets, thus making it easy to trace a stolen car.

Trusting us to handle your car tracker installation will be the best decision to secure your car. Our plans are cheap and affordable, and we offer installations at your convenience.

Give us a call today, if you are yet to install a vehicle tracker in your car. We will be at your doorsteps as soon as you call.

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